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5 Things You Should Know About Balkan Cuisine

5 Things You Should Know About Balkan Cuisine

  • 07 Jan, 2022
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Have you ever had Balkan cuisine? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. But before you pick up your phone to order, you should know what makes it so unique.

Food from the Balkans is flavorful, healthy, and culturally rich. Here are 5 things you should know about Balkan Cuisine:

#1 Many Cultures Influence the Food

To understand Balkan food, you should know that it’s not strictly defined by geography. Baltic food is influenced by many different regions as well as political, social, historical, and cultural factors. Some people consider Balkan food to be primarily Mediterranean. While there is a Mediterranean component, it’s a little more complex than that.

You can expect Balkan food to look slightly different in all the different regions. While the food is similar, it’s made differently in different places. Some of the terms are the same but mean different foods as well. For example, “burek” typically refers to sweet pastries. But in Bosnia, they’ll serve you the meat version.

#2 It’s Not Your Typical Fancy Food

Don’t expect to post your photos of Balkan food on Instagram. I mean, you could, but it’s not that photogenic. Balkan food isn’t made to be visually appealing, it’s made to taste good. So if you’re trying exotic food purely for the clout, Balkan food may not be your ticket. But it will taste good and satisfy your cravings.

#3 Stuffed Foods are a Favorite

The people in the Balkans are big fans of stuffed food. Stuffed vegetables are made with meat, vegetables, and a delicious blend of herbs and spices.

One of the popular stuffed dishes is Sarma. Commonly served in winter, it’s made of stuffed cabbage leaves. The Balkan secret is that the longer you cook it, the better it tastes. A popular autumn dish is made out of stuffed peppers, which are usually served around October.

#4 No Mild Flavors Here

Give them credit: the Balkans don’t half-flavor anything. Balkan food is known for being intense, even overwhelming. If you’re scared of spice (flavorful spice, not hot spice) or don’t like anything too mild, Balkan food may not be right for you.

But if you’re ready for a delicious food experience you won’t soon forget, buckle up. The food is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. The dishes are flavorful, intense, and unique. In a good way, of course.

#5 Would You Like Some Rakija with That?

Rakija is a strong fruit brandy, and it’s served pretty much everywhere in the Balkans. The locals drink it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as every family gathering and celebration. It’s almost part of the culture’s identity. 

Rakija is a palate cleanser and a digestif, and restaurants recommend it because it complements many foods. We’re pretty sure that’s why the locals like it.

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